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The Structure of EPT

Typically, an Educational Psychotherapist will meet with the CYP once a week for a 50-minute therapy session in a safe designated space. This can be in a school setting, in a therapy room or potentially in the child’s home. The initial assessment period is usually around 4 sessions long, however the full duration of therapy is not possible to determine. It is very much dependant on the individual’s needs and circumstances.

For optimum therapeutic change, it is good if the family are able to be involved with the work. The family can be involved by attending termly meetings and maintaining good communication with the therapist.

It is also useful for Educational Psychotherapists to meet with the child’s school, particularly the adults who have a central role with the child. Educational Psychotherapists are interested in the child’s learning style, ability to access the tasks and their relationships with peers and teachers.

Online EPT services are also available. 

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